It is natural to feel overwhelmed at times .This page contains resources that you can use for extra supports

Africa Centre is pleased to partner with United Way and Alberta Black Therapists Network to bring free counselling from various licensed therapists. These services provide formal, 45 mins, one-to-one counselling sessions in the form of short term intervention utilizing solution-focused therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy using video . 

Sessions include: 

  • Family
  • Individual
  • Children
  • Couples


For more information and booking session,

Action for healthy communities

This innovative way of Therapy service provision is possible with the collaboration of Alberta Black Therapists Network ABTN which insures the quality of the therapists’ services.

OWL Practice is Canada’s #1 Platform for Mental Health Practitioners. With Video Therapy, Comprehensive and compliant solutions to are offered the client and the therapist.

OWL Practice takes the clinical practice to the next level with Secure Messaging, Clinical Measures, Medication Tracking, Online Intake and Consent Forms and more.

Through an innovative system, book an appointment with a therapist.
Take your sessions online with Owl Video Therapy.

The service is FREE and CONFIDENTIAL.

Just a few steps to book the appointment:


Create your profile


Select your therapist


Book your appointment


Attend your session in confidentiality

Anytime, the communication with the therapist remains available through a secure messaging system. 

2. The Therapy in person

The appointments in person remain available in a private and safe environment at the AHC office. Safety and COVID restrictions are a priority.

3. The services available for the Video/Phone Therapy & in-person Therapy

  • First Appointment Individual Session (Individual)
  • Individual Consultations (Individual)
  • On-going Individual Session (Individual)
  • First Appointment Couple’s Session (Group)
  • On-going couples’ session (Couple)
  • Intake Youth Session (Individual)
  • On-going Youth Session (Individual)
  • Specialized sessions (Individual) toward a consistent integration in Canada
           – Gender oriented
           – Cultural oriented
           – Other options (on request)

Alberta-based Crisis Resources

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