Registering as a Psychologist

A personal experience about how one of our clinicians became a registered provisional psychologist after competing her education in Canada

By Noreen Sibanda, MA

My Story 


My name is Noreen Sibanda, I am a Registered Provisional Psychologist and would like to share my experience of becoming a regulated in the mental health field as a psychologist. This is my unique story that can be used as a guide to help facilitate your own journey to becoming a Psychologist. However, it is not the only way that one can become registered as a Psychologist in Alberta.  After completing my  high school education in Edmonton, AB, I went on to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Women Studies. I took over 14 psychology courses at least a 200 level (considered senior level courses in psychology). I then went on to pursue a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology , completing 60 credits of Psychology counselling and a practicum for 8 months.  After graduating the Masters program, I was able to begin the registration process which included having all my credentials evaluated and paying a fee for this. I sent in my transcripts from both undergraduate and graduate studies  and filled out a form that to indicate that areas of competency in various areas of psychology such as ethics and standards, assessments and evaluation,research design and methodology,intervention and consultation, biological bases of behaviour,social bases of behaviour,cognitive/ affective bases of behaviour and psychology of the individual.


After the CAP committee’s evaluation, it was deemed that I needed an additional course  in the area of  biological bases of behaviour.  I sought out a University that would let me take this individual course to fulfil the requirement. When I had completed the course, I was asked to provide a supervision plan that requires that I have a supervisor that is going to supervise for the 1600 hours that are required to be registered. I received the permit to practise as a provisional psychologist until my hours are completed and I have written the EPPP exam and write an ethics exam. As I write this, I am still in the process of completing my supervision hours and writing the EPPP exam as I have completed the ethics exam.  I have been able to work as a Therapist in various settings including schools, community organizations. outpatient  clinics and in private practice. 


Below is some information that one needs to know about being a psychologist and useful links.

Noreen Sibanda, MA 

Registered Provisional Psychchologist

Psychologist and Legislation

The title of  psychologist in Alberta is used by individuals that are regulated by the regulating body- College of Alberta Psychologists (CAP). Here is some of the work that they do, psychologists assess, diagnose, treat, guide, and support persons or groups of persons to enhance development, effective living and quality of life or to prevent, remedy or ameliorate mental, emotional, cognitive, behavioural and interpersonal difficulties; and teach, supervise or consult in the practice of psychology.


In Alberta, the minimum education requirement for psychologists is a master's degree. It must include the coursework required to register with the College of Alberta Psychologists. It may be a Master of Arts (MA), Master of Counselling (MC), Master of Science (M.Sc.) or Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree as long as it includes the courses required to be a Registered Psychologist.



Under Alberta’s Health Professions Act [pdf] and Psychologists Profession Regulation [pdf], registration with the College of Alberta Psychologists (CAP) is mandatory if you meet identified competency requirements and provide professional services directly to the public, teach the practice of the profession to members or students of the profession, or supervise registered members who provide services to the public. Registered members, who are authorized by the College, provide restricted activities specified in the Regulation. Only registered members may call themselves psychologists.

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What you need :


Registration requires successful completion of:

  • A postgraduate degree in psychology that meets the academic requirements established by the College and the the above mentioned educational background

  • At least 1,600 hours of approved work experience under the supervision of a Registered Psychologist, approved by the College

  • An established core knowledge in areas as defined by the College.For official, detailed information about registration requirements, visit CAP.




Working in Alberta

Psychologists who are registered by and in good standing with a regulatory organization elsewhere in Canada may be eligible for registration in Alberta if registered psychologists in the 2 jurisdictions have similar responsibilities and competencies. For more information, see "What if I am already certified in another province or territory in Canada?" and CAP.

To learn about certification for internationally educated psychologists, see Psychologist Registration Process.

By Noreen Sibanda, MA

Registered Provisional Psychologist 

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