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The Alberta Black Therapists Network (ABTN) is made up by a group of Black licensed and regulated professionals from various interdisciplinary backgrounds working in the field of mental health and addictions.  The network was formed out of need- in response to the health inequalities,in particular in mental health experienced by black Canadians, the ABTN  understands that it will take anti black racism,anti- oppressive and systematic changes to improve the mental wellbeing for Black Canadians. We believe in the psychological well being of our community, and the society as a whole. Through networking, continued training, and use of evidence-based approaches, and understanding racialized  trauma, anti- racist  and culturally empowered  lens, we strive to ensure the highest quality of therapeutic  services are provided to our communities. We aim to increase emotional wellness and the application of self care skills such as self-awareness, self-confidence, positive thinking, goal setting, responsible decision making, and healthy relationships. At the core, we  normalize lived experiences,engage in psycho-education to reduce barriers to psychological health and decrease stigma against seeking additional support when needed.

Grounded in the communities in which we work, we walk along with our clients in their journey's.

Our Mission

To have a healing centered approach for counselling services for the black community with an anti-racist, anti-oppressive, and decolonizing lens that focuses on resilience and considers individual wellness needs within the context of their religious and cultural beliefs.


Our Vision

To Empower the Black Community through increased access to mental health and addiction services. We believe that as the community heals, we also heal and as the community thrives, we also thrive.

  • Build sustainable partnerships with various internal and external stakeholders as a way of providing equitable, holistic mental health and addictions services for  the black community 


  • To develop and implement a framework to facilitate the participation of the black community and reduce inequalities and inequalities of access to mental health and addictions services 


  • To offer  education and awareness regarding various health concerns such as mental health and addictions that the black community experiences


  • To increase access  to the mental health  and addictions services  in Alberta. This will be achieved through recommending client-centered and research informed approaches that will enhance  the experience of the black communities

Our  Objectives

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Promoting a none discriminatory and equitable wellness supports that are available to all

Our Commitment

To reduce inequalities of access and barriers to mental health and addictions services and create a framework for black communities to be empowered to engage in available services for the continuous improvement and betterment of their health, wellbeing and overall experience.


We strive to treat everyone with dignity while valuing  their lived experiences


We are committed to ensuring that everyone feels both respected and empowered as they navigate the mental health supports


We define safety as physical and psychological and  we aim to ensure everyone seeking supports feels supported and safe to seek supports


We are accountable to our various regulatory bodies and to the the public that we serve


Everyone regards to be treated with dignity and respect.Every person requires equal opportunities to accessing health.


We strive to treat everyone with dignity while valuing  their lived experiences


We are committed to ensuring that everyone feels both respected and empowered as they navigate the mental health supports


We believe it takes a village to build equitable communities, hence we foster partnerships/ collaboration across organizations and sectors to help fulfill our mission

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