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Dayirai C Kapfunde, MSW

Fort McMurray

I believe that we each have a story worth telling and, as a result, I seek to honor your story as we journey together toward insight, healing and change. Here is a brief glimpse into mine. At age 5, I started teaching in my church and knew that I wanted to lead. As I grew older, I continued to find myself being drawn to helping and making an impact in our community. When I was 16 years old, my mother passed away and this left an imprint in my life. Suddenly, I was raising my siblings. At 26, I moved to Canada with an 8-month-old child. I was an immigrant in a whole new world. Just like that, I became Black and had to navigate what that meant, especially how to be a “Black single mother” raising a “Black child/son.”
A good sister-friend described me as resilient, a good listener and having a way of allowing individuals to feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable and share their experiences and this led me to Social Work. My early beginnings as a grassroots social worker in Ontario exposed me to the dynamics of children and families who were also navigating the same system that had and continues to have boxes and labels for everyone. I worked therapeutically in various settings with adults, women, children, newcomers to Canada and youth on issues that include relationships, anxiety, depression, acceptance, child abuse /neglect, grief, sexual assault, women abuse, homelessness, stress, navigating discrimination, schooling and trauma. I continue to assist people through crisis times, significant changes in their lives & emotional distress.
My passion for social justice and advocacy has been consistent. From these experiences, I decided that I wanted to become a private practice owner and therapist. I knew that I needed to be the voice for people that looked like me and offer an open door for them. I started my private practice to be independent and create generational wealth. As time has gone by, I became excited about this level of freedom and ready to show up authentically.
At Journeys of Life Counselling Services Inc., I use an integrated therapeutic model approach to help people through life transitions and overcome setbacks. I provide people the space to be assertive in life, find their voice, make and maintain meaningful changes. I also inspire people to increase awareness of their own strengths and be the authors of their lives. I allow people the space to gain clarity and identify concrete steps to resolve their issues and I find a way to connect with people who are unsure if they want support through validation and empathy. I counsel children, youth and families using an integrated therapeutic model on how to gain clarity, resolve conflicts and have the courage to activate behaviors to grow individually and together, to live a more meaningful life.

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